You will definitely agree – it looks doubtful if your rather large and serious company has brought only a few documents to the SRS. However, such a scene can often be observed by visiting the Talejas Street institution.

However, it should be remembered that SRS officers have a list of documents to be requested, which should definitely be presented, but outside this list it will already be your free choice whether to present or not.

If your tax return or financial statement is submitted incorrectly, you will definitely be asked for clarifications or corrections.

SRS officers have the right to request the following documents from you (and not only these):

Accounting methodology;
Invoices and bills of lading;
Contracts with suppliers and buyers;
Transport documents;
Bank account statements;
Cash documents;
Advance payments;
Wages calculations;
Employment contracts;
Working time records;
Chronological register;
Contract with the accountant …

How to submit documents
They can be submitted electronically (with an e-signature) or on paper.

They must be submitted in paper form in compliance with the Cabinet Regulations No. 558 “Procedure for preparation and presentation of documents”, i.e. documents must be bound, pages numbered, certified true copies …

We recommend that you always evaluate whether it is worth submitting the specific documents, as well as make sure that all signatures and stamps are in place. It will be a gift for SRS officers to provide the same invoice for different amounts or an accountant’s note forgotten to erase “Jurčik’s cut in cash 2730 EUR” …

We hope you do not need this information, but if you do, consult a professional …

P.S. Next time, let’s find out how to properly issue a loan to a business owner: with or without interest.

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