Salary and tax calculation

The issue of salaries is often sensitive and confidential, so many companies choose to entrust us with salary calculations based on these aspects. We will calculate the salaries for the basic licensed accounting software used by our office in either Tildes Jumis or Horizon. This solution will protect you from possible leaks of internal information and possible conflicts in the work team, that the salaries of one category of employees may be different. For a larger company, transferring the payroll calculation will be more cost-effective than hiring your own payroll accountant. We will not tell anyone how much your secretary actually receives!

Who will BENEFIT the most

You can be a new business start-up, company financial director, owner - we will help you to organize your relations with the SRS and facilitate the payment of bills


When you establish a company, we will help to arrange relations with the State Revenue Service and other services and do everything so that you can avoid the usual mistakes of beginners, thus reducing the risk of doing something wrong, and then correct the mistakes – paying more than it costs to do everything right. For example, we will check the reliability of your partners, warn you when you need to register in the VAT register, etc.


Our experience in working with companies in various industries will be very useful for you. If the shareholders of your company decide to cooperate with us, handing over the monthly accounting issues to professionals, you will have more time for the company's financial analysis and planning, investment program development and other important things, which in today's dynamic conditions no company can go without.


When being in a daily routine, it is often possible to overlook the current opportunities to reduce the tax burden, often encounter a routine that has crept into your company's internal accounting, or it is not clear what has caused accounting staff to have a lot of free time. It is very likely that your profits would be many times higher if… (We have seen this often)


You are an investor who wants to buy a company, but wants to find out its real financial situation in advance and assess the future risks you may face after acquiring the company. We will provide a comprehensive approach to assessing these risks, including financial, tax and legal risks.


We regularly follow the latest changes in regulatory enactments and we have an internal control system in this area as well.

No - the amount of salary calculation, like other tariffs for our services depends on the number of services provided. In the case of salary calculations, it depends on the complexity of the calculations and the number of components used in them.

Absolutely yes - confidentiality is the cornerstone of our business, it is stipulated not only in our agreement with you, but we enter into a separate written agreement with each of our employees.

By applying for the service on the website, you will receive a free solution for the transfer of accounting data in order to more easily start cooperation with us.
As well as a 2-hour free consultation on how to improve your business!


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A professional team of accountants with many years of experience in financial accounting in everyday and extraordinary situations in various industries.


Management accounting

In the course of its business, any company comes at a time when its owners and management in order to make economic decisions quickly, have to understand, are there any returns?


Express audit

When you start cooperating with us, we promise you and provide you with a 2-hour free consultation, risk analysis that our team of professionals will have identified during the analytical procedures of the research to start cooperation for your company's accounting.


These are customers who already trust us. We also thank our customers very much for cooperation! We are very pleased to receive positive feedback and thanks for our mutual cooperation. Try cooperating with us and it is very likely that your company logo will be among our best customers

By applying for the service on the website, you will receive a free solution for the transfer of accounting data in order to more easily start cooperation with us.
As well as a 2-hour free consultation on how to improve your business!