We understand that you need to get to know us in order to build trust in us. That’s why this 14 day free “test drive” is available.

In the meantime, perhaps one of your questions has already been answered here below

All our services are fully civilly insured. This means that we will reimburse you in full for any mistake.

Nowadays, almost everything can be done via the Internet and with the help of couriers, so your company can be located anywhere and we will still be able to provide you with the necessary services. For example, we have already established cooperation with companies from both Kuldiga and Daugavpils.

This is a business of mutual trust. Either we rely on each other or we don’t work together. If for some reason you don’t like us anymore, you will always be able to terminate our cooperation agreement without any penalties.

For the time being, Latvian legislation requires making accountin entries on the original documents, so they will have to be with us for a while. Contracts, if necessary, can be submitted in the form of copies.

Inspections will usually take place in our office, because there are both the original company documents and our knowledgeable people, who will answer the questions asked by the Revenue Service without undue stress. Only cash register receipts and warehouse inventory checks will have to be performed at your place.

Of course, because all the invoices are entered into an accounting program, which makes it very easy to create payment orders and import them into Internet banking. All you have to do is verify and approve these payments

This offer only applies to new customers. Another exception is if we find that your company’s accounting for previous periods has been severely misstated. But even then, we will certainly be able to agree on mutually acceptable terms.

To have your internal accountant has both pros and cons in your company, so relatively large companies also outsource. Sometimes they only entrust us with salary calculations, other times – even the entire accounting. These services are especially popular with foreign capital companies in Latvia.

Our 20 years of experience show that the minimum price level is a fairly accurate indicator of a service provider’s quality. Usually, a low price means serious problems in the long run, because these accountants lack the resources not only to delve into your situation, but also to develop themselves and ensure constant quality. But, by the way, we also offer a very good price for both beginners and very small companies – starting from 120: – euros per month.

The transition is best made in January, allowing the previous accounting officer to complete the financial year, but this can be done on the 1st of any month. Please read more about it here.

By applying for the service on the website, you will receive a free solution for the transfer of accounting data in order to more easily start cooperation with us. As well as a 2-hour free consultation on how to improve your business!
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