I missed the submission of the VAT return – a trifle or a problem!?

Entrepreneurs often do not think when they can be excluded from the SRS value added taxpayers register; it often comes as an unexpected surprise. To avoid that, let’s give an insight into the main aspects of this issue.

Exclusion from the VAT register usually takes place in the following cases:

At the taxpayer’s own initiative, in cases where:

  • a taxpayer (except for the VAT group) submits a substantiated application to the SRS regarding its exclusion from the SRS VAT payers register;
  • a taxpayer who is a state or local government institution or local government shall submits a substantiated application to the SRS regarding its exclusion from the SRS VAT payers register, in which it declares that it does not intend to receive construction services and perform taxable transactions in the future;
  • The VAT group submits an application to the SRS regarding its exclusion from the SRS VAT payers register and 12 calendar months have passed since the day of registration of the VAT group.

Exclusion from the VAT payers register can also be initiated by the SRS, and these are the most common cases:

– in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Latvia “On Taxes and Duties”, the economic activity of a registered taxpayer has been suspended;

at least one of the following circumstances occurs during the taxable person’s activity:

  1. a) No tax return has been submitted within 30 days after the deadline for submission of the tax return specified in this Law,
  2. b) the tax return contains false information,
  3. c) The requested information has not been submitted within the term specified in the written request of the State Revenue Service (documents certifying income and expenses of economic activity, accounting documents, as well as other information describing activities that affected or affect the calculation and payment of tax),
  4. d) a registered taxpayer has provided unfounded or false information regarding material and technical and financial possibilities to perform economic activity;

– the taxable person (other than a taxable person of another Member State and a taxable person of a third country or third territory) cannot be reached at the registered office or at the address of the declared place of residence or does not actually exist;


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