What are the most typical mistakes of businessmen with SRS auditing?!

Businessmen have repeatedly asked why the SRS introduced a surcharge, what did I do wrong during the SRS audit? It’s all about good communication with the SRS staff, for which we strongly recommend inviting professionals! However, businessmen do not always do this and make the following mistakes, which often lead to bad consequences:

  • The biggest mistake of businessmen is that “I don’t need to prove anything myself when the SRS tries to prove that I have hidden income, I didn’t pay taxes, I’m dishonest, and so on.” Although often, indeed, everything is in order, during the SRS audit there is a so-called principle of “participation” or “cooperation” with the SRS, which in this case is strictly assessed and often plays a decisive role in the SRS audits;
  • Be proactive, no one knows about the nature and nuances of your transactions better than you, so it is not at all necessary to create problems with explaining the terms of transactions;
  • If you have the impression that the SRS staff ask you again and again about the same information that you have already provided, talk to the SRS auditors without undue emotions, do not show stress. Since you may not have provided complete information on any issue. Sometimes it is also a tactic of the SRS staff to confuse you;
  • The tactic “throw accounting documents on the SRS table and let them look for what they need” is the worst possible, since this can be considered as a refusal to cooperate with the SRS, and then big problems may arise;
  • All evidence confirming your innocence must be presented during the SRS audit and not during the appeal process in court, since the court may not perceive them as supporting, and thereby you will lose the dispute with the SRS.

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