Complex things as simply as possible or 12 risks indicating that something is wrong with your accountant!

Businessmen have repeatedly asked how you can evaluate your accountant, or understand when to seek help from an expert to solve this issue!? From our practice, the following 12 risks have crystallised, indicating that it would be better for you to seek professional help to evaluate your accounting:

  • The company’s revenue increases, but the balance on the account does not increase;
  • The company has a profit that grows every year, but the businessman has no money to pay dividends;
  • The company is developing, investing heavily, revenue is growing, but, oddly enough, there is no and there have not been profits;
  • You have entrusted the credit instruments to the company’s accountant, and while looking through the bank statements, you notice that some money transfers have been made that you do not understand;
  • The accountant is sick, but you need to urgently make a payment to the supplier. By opening a bank account in the Internet bank, you see that the last three money transfers were made to the accountant’s personal account, indicating that this is an advance payment to suppliers;
  • The accountant comes to work late and leaves early, but you pay him/her an above average salary;
  • The accountant who does not work elsewhere drives a premium car of the latest model with a relatively low salary;
  • You accidentally find out that neither the accountant nor his/her family own the house or apartment in which they live;
  • The company needs to attract investments, but there are problems with the preparation of operational financial statements, its preparation is delayed;
  • A bank or investor is not satisfied with the prepared operational financial statement when you request a new investment;
  • You have started to receive seemingly innocent letters from the SRS about data inconsistency;
  • Your company has tax arrears, but the accountant does not even tell you about it.

If you feel certain risks, our team is ready to help you assess an accountant. Contact us right here on our website!

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