Complex things as simply as possible or 10 tips on how to choose a good accountant!

Businessmen have repeatedly asked how to choose a good accountant without any problems, when for this you need to turn to an expert for help!? From our practice, the following 10 observations can be made that testify to the qualities of a good accountant:

  • The accountant must be punctual and accurate in numbers and deadlines for the delivery of tasks – reports;
  • The accountant must treat himself/herself and others with due diligence;
  • The accountant must comply with the code of ethics approved by the International Federation of Accountants;
  • The accountant must comply with confidentiality and data protection measures;
  • The accountant must have appropriate professional education;
  • The accountant must constantly improve his/her level of education and grow professionally in his/her daily work;
  • The accountant must have professional communication skills, present useful requirements to the manager;
  • The accountant must be a player in the business team and, if necessary, advise it;
  • The accountant must be able to stand up for himself/herself and defend his/her opinion during an SRS audit;
  • A good accountant is worth the money, so it must be borne in mind that a cheap service can lead to costly consequences.

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