Seven reasons why you need an accountant with in-depth financial knowledge!?

Faced with an urgent need of businesses for daily financial accounting and preparation of annual reports, we found that, especially in situations where companies need to attract additional external financing, such as obtaining a bank loan, increasing an existing credit line or leasing a new car, it is denied mainly, but not exclusively, for the following reasons:

  • Problems with capital adequacy;
  • Problems with obtaining sufficient funding;
  • Problems with provision of liquidity;
  • Problems caused by the fact that the company has profit, but there is no free funds to implement the co-financing established by the lender;
  • There are opportunities to receive funding from various EU funds and government programs, but it is refused for various obstacles;
  • The management wants to make certain investments for the acquisition of new fixed assets, but cannot make a decision since they do not understand the payback period;
  • There is a constant shortage of funds to pay off debts to creditors.

The reasons can be different and depend on the specific situation. We are a qualified team of professionals, ready to study any situation with financial reporting in order to find ways to improve it, simply by preparing it correctly, transparently and clearly, helping our clients to obtain external financing necessary to support and develop their business.

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