External funding is needed, but it is refused – to despair or to deal with it?

In the face of the day-to-day acute needs of entrepreneurs in financial accounting and annual reporting, we have found that, especially in situations where the public needs additional external funding, such as Altum funding to cope with a Covid-19 pandemic crisis or a bank loan, or even to receive a lease for the purchase of new production equipment or a car, it is refused mainly, but not exclusively, for the following reasons:

  • There are problems with capital adequacy;
  • There are problems with obtaining sufficient funding;
  • There are problems with providing liquidity;
  • There are problems with the fact that the company has a profit, but there are no free funds to carry out the co-financing set by the creditor;
  • There are opportunities to receive various EU funds and state-supported funding programs, but this is denied due to various obstacles;
  • Management wants to make certain investments to acquire new fixed assets, but cannot make a decision because it does not understand their payback period;
  • There is a constant lack of funds to cover creditors’ debts;
  • The annual report has been prepared and submitted without taking into account the above and other issues;

The reasons can be different and depending on the specific situation. We are a qualified team of specialists and ready to delve into any financial reporting situation to find opportunities to improve them, simply by sometimes preparing them correctly, transparently and understandably, so that our clients with such reports can receive the necessary external financing for business operations and development.

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